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pelicansculpture pelicansculpture pelicansculpture pelicansculpture

clay, glazes, underglazes

10 cm x 20 cm

It is pretty easy to identify these fish-lovers and fussy eaters, because they are one of the only birds with a pouch under their bill. Along with the giant pouch, pelicans are a large bird with short legs, and they appear rather clumsy on land. They are very social and cooperative, they usually travel in flocks.
So don’t hesitate to check all varieties of these beautiful and lovely birds that I have in my shop.
You could choose that one which you like the most, with his unique mood and emotion which he expresses with his face - from joy and surprise, to sadness and anger. Or you could pick all of them and accommodate the whole flock in your house(please, don’t forget to ask for a discount when you buy more than two items at once).