Hello people!

I have always been dreaming of becoming an illustrator. Creating intricate illustrations, reinventing beloved book characters, and writing new versions of my favorite stories was all part of my childhood. One day, I unexpectedly stumbled upon ceramics. We unconditionally fell in love and have never parted since, having now been united for more than 10 years.

Living in the high-tech world of flat screens and omnipresent plastic, you could, of course, say that picking dust and mud as daily tools might somehow seem silly. Perhaps it is, but I find in this some childish joy and excitement, like when your parents allow a four-year-old you to jump in a puddle.

Personas and illustrations shaped into the teapots, pot holders, and little decorative statues. They started their life as flat images on the printed pages, but then they came to life as real and alive as I imagined them; you can touch, cuddle, hug, and kiss them. As for me, I even talk to my handmade fellows. We agree on the number of their fingers, the color of their eyes, come up with their past, and discuss their future.

Every such piece I create is unique. Even the copies I make on-demand are different from the original, they have mood and character of their own; some gain a wee bit of weight, some get a few new charming little wrinkles, and each of them hopes to be loved and cared for by their new owners. With hand modeling and glazing, the final result is always a surprise. Unpredictably magical changes take place in the kiln where every 10 degrees add a new exceptional effect.

All my creations travel a lot, too. Ever since I started some odd 10 years ago, my cute little beasts have been rocketing around to every corner of the world: one of the teapots has gone to Japan, another one is now in India, a dozen of plant pots and figurines have moved to the US, and many more fellows are in Sweden, UK, and Italy. At times, I even envy them a little, as I can’t join them when they leave. Despite this, I don’t regret letting them go, as they are off to your cozy homes and lovely families.

I am now going to disappear off to my studio, and let you have a look around on your own, in the hope that you find a little fellow to take home with you.

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