Ceramic workshops in Haarlem

Ceramics classes in Haarlem by Nastia Calaca

I offer a tailored program for people from a creative and non-creative field with zero and very little knowledge in ceramics. I teach hand-building techniques with a focus on figurative ceramics.

Ceramic plates handbuilt during a workshop in Haarlem

There are only 4 people in a group, which guarantees enough attention for every participant.

There are different formats:

A one-time workshop

Ceramic bowl created in a single day

An excellent introduction to ceramics. We work in hand-building techniques, trying out a few basic techniques like hand-building with coils and slabs. We will decorate our pieces with “engobes” (a special clay-based paint) using the technique “sgraffito” and slip-trailing.

This 3h workshop will give you a good understanding of ceramics as a medium, and you will decide if you want to do a full ceramics course with me.

Your works are ready for a pick up after approx 3 weeks.

A monthly course

Glazed dish with a sculpted charachter

A monthly course for beginners with a duration of 12 hours, consists of 4 lessons per 3h, and a 20hours course for advanced students, consists of 4 classes per 5h.

Ceramic Tapir sculptures

The course program is a mix of hand-building techniques, decorating with underglazes and glazes, overglazes and lusters. I explain some general knowledge of ceramic technology: how to mix glazes, engobes, and slips, and how to program the kiln so you can set up your studio when the time comes. The themes are up to you; not necessary to work in “my style” I will happily support any individual project and help you develop your unique voice. We can work on several objects, like mugs, cups, candle holders, planters, and pots, as well as standing sculptures (for the “advanced” level).

Private lessons and courses

Sketch of a crocodile made from clay

The program is totally up to you. You get even more of my attention and a tailored schedule that is comfortable for you.

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